• Image of "Independent Contractor" tee by Backpage Press
  • Image of "Independent Contractor" tee by Backpage Press
  • Image of "Independent Contractor" tee by Backpage Press

Sometimes it doesn’t matter what you say, it’s how cool you look not saying anything at all.

Boba Fett is the epitome of independence and resiliance, and I’ve never been ashamed of pulling so much inspiration from someone who does not exist.

So I will escape the irony of writing a wordy piece for a subject that has 4 lines in his entire film career.

Without further ado…I present this tee in homage to the mercenary with impecable swagger, who is by far the ultimate “Independent Contractor”.

** This is a refurbished design from 1 of the original 6 Backpage Press tees, originally printed in 2007. The original was 6 inches smaller, used white ink, had no back tag, and said had the shops location written below Boba Fett.

* This tee is printed with " Metallic Gold Shimmer" ink. Pictures never do this ink justice. The ink has a gold foil quality, and shimmers in the light. Very low key, and very tasteful. People who see this ink in person can't say enough good things about it.

* This design is printed on Black, Anvil ring spun cotton tees. These tees are incredibly soft, comfortable, and flexible. They have a sliming cut, but not enough that it throws off the sizing. Bottom line, these tees will be among your go-to favorite tees.
For more detailed information, including sizing, check them out at Anvils website:

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