• Image of "Shek Republic" Dave Dameshek Daves of Thunder podcast tee
  • Image of "Shek Republic" Dave Dameshek Daves of Thunder podcast tee

The Shek Republic is where Dave Dameshek fans unite, joining forces in the constant struggle for truth, freedom, and better sandwiches. Dave was the first public supporter of Backpage Press, and I designed this shirt to pay homage to all things Dameshek. The design incorporates the Han Solo edition blaster, the Pittsburgh Steelers hypocycloids, and Star Wars font. Basically everything that makes America great.

Original Shek Republic tee write up, composed January, 2011:

Dave is a comedy writer, sports commentator, and a podcast/radio personality known for his unabashed Pittsburgh homerism and for being the voice of the fan. His TV writing career has included stints with Comedy Central’s “Battlebots," “I'm with Busey," “Trigger Happy TV," and, most notably, “The Man Show." Dave also handled many writing duties on “Jimmy Kimmel Live," contributing to the nightly monologues and helping with Jimmy’s NFL pregame show segments.

Known as the Ted McGinley of radio, Dave has spun gold all across this great nation, contributing to Indie 103’s “Mighty Morning Show” with Dicky Barrett and the nationally syndicated “Adam Carolla Show," not to mention numerous national and regional ESPN radio programs.

Dave’s sports commentary and wit drove “Dave Dameshek’s Sports Contraption” on KDKA-FM in Pittsburgh, creating arguably the greatest radio program in the history of the planet. Dave then returned to Los Angeles and joined the mothership at ESPN Radio 710 LA, hosting “The Dave Dameshek Show" and introducing popular segments like "The Jerk List" and "Hypothetical Horatio" to a West Coast audience. Next, Dave launched “Dave Dameshek On Demand," a podcast that thrilled and entertained sports fans with assorted hooey and applesauce until “The Man” shut it down in late 2009.

In March 2010, Dave began a new comedy/talk-based podcast with friend and fellow comedy writer David Feeney. Broadcast on the Adam Carolla Network, "Daves of Thunder” amused its legions of BTL monkeys with such glorious bits as "Daddy's Closet," "Jacuzzi Thoughts," and "Knuckles Goldberg: Jew Boxer."

After the premature demise of "Daves of Thunder," Dave fulfilled a childhood dream and landed a job with the NFL, recording a weekly podcast and appearing on the NFL Network's "Fantasy Football Live." Dave even transformed "The Jerk List" into "The Shame Report," creating one of the most popular online video segments at NFL.com.

Dave’s constant support of Backpage Press along with his willingness to wear BP shirts and to talk up their quality have done wonders for the business. And Dave does it all for nothing but a shared love of Pittsburgh, sports, and Star Wars.

Thanks for all you've done, Dave. You're the tops.

* This design was submitted by member of the Shek Republic, Adam Reeve. Adam was the first ever outside collaborator at Backpage Press.

* This design is printed on Anvil ringspun cotton tees, that have the same fit (fashion fit), comfort, and style at American Apparel. Bottom line, these tees are very comfortable. For more detailed information, including sizing, check them out at Anvils website:

* This design is printed on Anvil ring spun cotton tees. These tees are incredibly soft, comfortable, and flexible. They have a sliming cut, but not enough that it throws off the sizing. Bottom line, these tees will be among your go-to favorite tees.
For more detailed information, including sizing, check them out at Anvils website:


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