• Image of "Feensters Union" David Feeney Daves of Thunder podcast tee
  • Image of "Feensters Union" David Feeney Daves of Thunder podcast tee

When David Feeney, isn’t 50% of the talent on the now retired podcast “Dave’s of Thunder” (D o T), he is writing for network TV. Feeney has contributed to the shows “Claude’s Crib”, “Jenny”, “Bette”, “In Case of Emergency”, “According to Jim”, and most notably “Big Wolf on Campus”.
David Feeney served not only as talent, but also as one of the main bit writers on Dave's of Thunder. David penned such D o T classics as “Daddy’s Closet” and the popular “Jucuzzi Thoughts”, in which he transcribed and then read Producer Jucuzzi Pete’s often appalling inner most thoughts to the D o T listeners. New Yorkers found it significantly distasteful when J. Pete gave a whiskey salute to a fallen terrorist at ground zero. Shame.
Feeney also cathartically explained to his audience that he repeatedly gave sex motions to his boyhood football pillow through childhood and adolescence. Clearly this show was a form of therapy, and not just to make "Below-the-Line" individuals laugh, or even the "Monkeys", for that matter.
During the run of their cult hit podcast, internal tensions with the crew often boiled over on-air. Show producer J. Pete seemed to have considerable tension with Feeney regarding Feeney’s publication of the before mentioned “Jacuzzi Thoughts”, and actually was driven to “running away” during one of the shows. J. Pete was later contacted, at which time he informed the loyal public that he just “had enough”. Surprisingly, J. Pete came back to the show in due time. Unfortunately, the result was only more hazing.
During taping, Feeney was often unable to control his raging hormones, which would result in sexual comments and innuendos towards any one who was female, or had a vagina. Feeney mainly projected his love towards Assistant Producer Blaster Girl Katie, and even Dave Dameshek’s own mother, Mo Dameshek. The result of this torrid affair with Mo was a duet of Bonnie Tyler's "Total Eclipse of the Heart", which the mere thought of gives me chills as I write this. Dameshek's father eventually had to intervene to stop the probable love affair.
Although this was a labeled comedy podcast, in reality, it was a soap opera of epic proportions. Tensions in the D o T studio would soon reach the tipping point, and a family therapist was asked to intervene, in attempt to save the fragile structure of the Dave’s of Thunder family. Ultimately, family therapist Cory’s attempts were futile, and his bus was leaving in 10 minutes, so he really couldn't do much else with the group. Cory’s uselessness lead the Family to explode from within, which was reminiscent of Skywalker’s super laser being shot into the core reactor of the original Death Star. However, unlike the Death Star, the D o T family was not blown into pieces, but was in fact split in two factions, calling themselves the “Shek Republic” and the “Feenster’s Union”. Many political pundits have paralleled this event to the split of Korea into North and South.
While the two factions of the family fought for the majority lead, control of bits, condiments, time off, and women, they neglected to keep a watchful eye on “The Man”. As a result, Dave's of Thunder was needlessly cut down by “The Man” in February 2011.

This tee was made at the request of the leaders of the Feenster’s Union. Tim Wadleigh, a staunch Feeney supporter, submitted the original artwork. After some consulting with Feeney on some of the details, the finished logo was printed. Thanks to Tim, and Feeney, for making the shirt possible.

* This design is printed on Anvil ring spun cotton tees. These tees are incredibly soft, comfortable, and flexible. They have a sliming cut, but not enough that it throws off the sizing. Bottom line, these tees will be among your go-to favorite tees.
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