• Image of "Frank Drebin, Police Squad" Leslie Nielson Naked Gun tee
  • Image of "Frank Drebin, Police Squad" Leslie Nielson Naked Gun tee

Sadly, we lost Leslie Nielson, and Frank Drebin, in late 2010. Leslie Nielson, born in Regina, Saskatchewan, was originally a dramatic actor of the highest regard, working in a time in Hollywood known as “Television’s Golden Age.” It wasn’t until the Zucker brother’s cast him in the 1980’s spoof “Airplane!” that Leslie became a true household name. His deadpan delivery was the exact professional style the Zucker’s were looking for. Their new style of sarcastic comedic films wanted to use the classic acting styles of Robert Stack, Lloyd Bridges, and Nielson to lampoon ridiculously over-serious Hollywood films. The subsequent success of Airplane! thrusted the Zucker’s and Nielson into the forefront of brilliant, sarcastic comedy.

One of my earliest memories of frustration was in the summer of ’88. My parents came home from a movie night, still in hysterics from a movie that ended an hour ago. I begged them to key me in on what was so damn funny, but the only thing that I was told was that they had just seen a movie called “The Naked Gun”. In typical “parent speaking to a ten year old” fashion, they informed me that, “I was too young to understand.” However frustrating that statement is, in hindsight, they where right. Like many people (both casual viewers and loyal fans) I still am pulling new sexual innuendo’s and random hidden references from that movie. That’s what makes all three movies timeless, but most notably, the first.

“The Naked Gun” was based on the Zuker’s short-lived 1982 ABC television series “Police Squad!”, which was cancelled after only six episodes. Sergeant Frank Drebin, Detective Lieutenant Police Squad, was the lead role of the TV series, as well as the films that would follow 6 years later. The Zucker’s simply Frankenstiened all of the official police titles to invent Frank’s position in an elite task force of the LAPD called “Police Squad”. Drebin, who inherently means well, is oblivious to the fact that he causes more problems than he solves. His only advocates are Captain Ed Hocken and Detective Nordberg, who’s unflinching loyalty proves to be the only factor that causes Frank’s cases to have a positive outcome.
Note: You might remember OJ Simpson, the actor who played Norberg, from murdering psychopath fame in the early ‘90’s.

Leslie’s switch to deadpan comedic acting reinvented his career, and brought a lot of joy to my life. “The Naked Gun” is one of my top 5 movies of all time. I felt I needed to make a tee for Frank Drebin that wasn’t tacky. I thought one that was deadpan, just like the character, would do the character, and film, justice. This looks like a standard issue department tee a cop would wear, but when you look close, it’s just plain ridiculous.

* This design is printed on Anvil ring spun cotton tees. These tees are incredibly soft, comfortable, and flexible. They have a sliming cut, but not enough that it throws off the sizing. Bottom line, these tees will be among your go-to favorite tees.
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