• Image of "Jacuzzi Pete" Daves of Thunder podcast tee
  • Image of "Jacuzzi Pete" Daves of Thunder podcast tee

Many of you are staring at this tee and questioning why you are looking at a t-shirt emblazoned with a man text messaging in a hot tub. Before you become even more confused, and possibly angry, please continue reading…

This shirt was created to pay homage to Jucuzzi Pete; hot tub aficionado, narrator of fan mail, heavy-handed audio editor, hater of “The Ed”, Jerk List listee, drunken irrational email writer, Tom Hanks fan, Feeney punching bag, and “Dave’s of Thunder” show producer.

Jacuzzi Pete has also been a kind supporter of Backpage Press, and has received jack squat for his efforts. My lack of respect has always been bothersome…he does nice things for me, and my repayment is by making shirts for everyone but him. It is time to make amends, and give credit where credit is due.

While most radio/podcast producers chime in occasionally, if at all, Jacuzzi Pete was always an integral member of the now defunct podcast “Dave’s of Thunder”. While Pete keeps a level of mystery and mystique by not revealing his true last name, what we do know is that he was given his now famous moniker by neighbor and cast mate Dave Dameshek, who had personally witnessed Pete spending an ungodly amount of time in his jacuzzi, often neglecting family, friends, and overall positive life choices.

During the show’s run, Jacuzzi Pete’s mild and pleasant demeanor was often mistaken for weakness by the “Dave’s of Thunder” cast. Jacuzzi Pete would often be verbally harassed regarding everything from his supposed weight problem to his consistent marital strife. As legend has it (and some archival emails prove) Jacuzzi Pete threw gasoline on this fire by sending cast mate David Feeney a number of drunken emails detailing his stance on random issues, while mindlessly soaking in his beloved hot tube. Said incident ultimately created the “Jucuzzi Thoughts” bit, where Feeney comedically mixed Pete’s inter-most thoughts with the manifested ramblings of an imbecile. Given the controversial nature of Pete’s thoughts in the original emails and text messages, it was impossible to distinguish which Jucuzzi thoughts truly came from Pete’s chlorine soaked mind. Needless to say, “Jucuzzi Thoughts” made national headlines, fueling debate across America. The popularity, or should I say notoriety, reached a fever pitch when Feeney reported that Jacuzzi Pete supposedly gave a whisky salute to the fallen terrorists at ground zero. The public backlash caused great strife and turmoil in Jacuzzi Pete’s life. To make matters worse, Jacuzzi Pete’s family claimed neglect due to his excessive jacuzzi time and countless hours spent at the D o T studio. Clearly, the rigors of producing a juggernaut show such as “Dave’s of Thunder” had taken its toll when Jacuzzi Pete literally ran from the studio, mid show. After some finger pointing, name-calling, and emotional voicemails, Jacuzzi Pete returned to the show. However, the passion and vigor was no longer there. It was clear that the sheer will to produce had been boiled out of him by the 104 degree water he so fondly sat in. Pete would go on to admit that the only reason he returned to “Dave’s of Thunder” was because Dustin had revoked his free supplies tab At Lifestyle Spas and Jacuzzi’s in Van Nuys, CA.

After relationships were seemingly repaired, Jacuzzi Pete took a back seat at the show, leaving many producing duties to assistant Blaster Girl Katie, or whoever wasn’t named Mike Cioffi. In what seemed to be a backhanded compliment, Pete would explain on-air that his decision to take a lesser role was not due to inner turmoil with the cast, but because he had a “real job”.
Regardless, the Dave’s of Thunder show would go on, but Pete’s absence caused some kind of vergence in the force, leaving it susceptible to “The Man”, whom needlessly cut it down in February 2011.

This shirt was made at the request of one man, Jacuzzi Pete, who described the “Feensters Union” tee being made before one of his own as a “real slap in the face” via Twitter. I was lucky enough to have Tim Wadleigh, the fan who supplied the draft for the “Feenster’s Union” tee, supply this one as well. After some fine-tuning by both of us, it’s ready for the legions of D o T fans. Thanks to Tim, and of course, Jacuzzi Pete for helping to make the project possible.

That being said, do you think the completion of a 3rd shirt is enough to convince the D o T players that there should be a reunion show?

* This design is printed on "storm grey" color Anvil ring spun cotton tees. These tees are incredibly soft, comfortable, and flexible. They have a sliming cut, but not enough that it throws off the sizing. Bottom line, these tees will be among your go-to favorite tees.
For more detailed information, including sizing, check them out at Anvils website:


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