• Image of James "DEEBO" Harrison tee
  • Image of James "DEEBO" Harrison tee

I will spare the normal 6 paragraph write-up for this tee, since it will be the 3rd Harrison design I've made. However, a short recap is always in order...

This paragraph taken from the 2010 "Support Your Local Linebacker" tee:

"About a week before Super Bowl XL, I made the James Harrison “Deebo” design, because he was my favorite player. Joey Porter had coined the nickname during Monday Night Football introductions in 2005. They let players do the player intros instead of the booth guys that year, and Joey made a glorious mockery out of the situation. Joey called James “Deebo” in reference to Tiny Lester’s character in the movie “Friday”. The comparison in attitude seemed to fit like a glove, and James really did look like Deebo…so, as soon as I had the skills to make the tee, I did. And then James ran back an interception for 100 yards in the Super Bowl…the rest is history."

So why did I make anther Harrison design? Because I can make it better than I have in the past. Each year I wrench away in the shop, sharpening skills and learning new tricks. Each year, I look at my old stuff and think of how much better it could be. So, I've taken my original 6 designs and revamped them. The original "DEBO" tee (notice the misspelling) was literally my 3rd Backpage Press tee. When I look at the original, I still love it, but I also want one of my favorite ideas to look as good as it possibility can. By re-working this design, it can it live on, and I can also continue support for my favorite player.


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