• Image of "LCS Hockey" tee
  • Image of "LCS Hockey" tee
  • Image of "LCS Hockey" tee

LCS Hockey was the original hockey blog. The brainchild of four good kids in Greensburg, Pennsylvania, the site was a haven for hockey news and statistics just as the Internet was growing.

Twenty years later, LCS has transformed into a podcast and the Internet's best non-updated hockey site in all the land. Mike Dell and Larry Fairish are the ship's captains now, and after years of wondering why they don't have a shirt newer than the red, blue and yellow ones from back in the day, here we are.

Along the way, LCS has managed to unite a world of social misfits & all-around interesting people, by representing a world of sarcasm and sports, while maintaing a healthy dose of apathy & nostalgia. The guys behind LCS, as well as the fore-mentioned listeners and readers, have proven to be the most insanely loyal supporters of Backpage Press, the likes of which will never be eclipsed. So I took great pride in doing this project; it's great to give something back to everyone. Especially to Larry, who will be sent an omelet for every tee sold.

Foreword by Sean Leahy (columnist/writer at Puck Daddy)
& Cory Seymour (owner of Backpage Press)

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* This design is printed on vintage heather black Anvil ring spun cotton tees. These tees are incredibly soft, comfortable, and flexible. They have a sliming cut, but not enough that it throws off the sizing. Bottom line, these tees will be among your go-to favorite tees.
For more detailed information, including sizing, check them out at Anvils website:

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