• Image of Patrick Division - Old Time Hockey Division Series tee by Backpage Press
  • Image of Patrick Division - Old Time Hockey Division Series tee by Backpage Press

Do you remember when the NHL had a unique tie to their own history by using the names of the sport’s forefathers to represent the conferences, divisions, and trophies? Well, the trophy names have stuck, but the conferences and divisions did not fair as well during an unpopular commissioner’s attempt to simplify the sport to the hockey layperson, mimicking the style of other popular sports leagues. In contrast, there are many NHL players, management, media types, and knowledgeable fans that would like to see the classic conference & division names come back, and obviously don’t need our descriptive terms “dumbed down” geographically. In the meantime, we can try and get the attention of NHL brass with this shirt, as well as celebrate old time hockey, while we hope for change.

The NHL's Patrick Division was formed in 1974 as part of the Clarence Campbell Conference. The division moved to the Prince of Wales Conference in 1981. The division existed for 19 seasons until 1993. It was named in honor of Lester Patrick. It is the fore-runner of the NHL's Atlantic Division.

Curtis Lester "The Silver Fox" Patrick (December 30, 1883 – June 1, 1960) born in Drummondville, Quebec, Canada, was a professional ice hockey player and coach associated with the Victoria Aristocrats/Cougars of the Pacific Coast Hockey Association, and the New York Rangers of the National Hockey League of the NHL. Along with his brother, Frank, he created the Pacific Coast Hockey Association and helped develop several rules for the game of hockey.

The last team lineup for the Patrick Division lasted from 1982-1993. Teams included:
▪ New Jersey Devils
▪ New York Islanders
▪ New York Rangers
▪ Philadelphia Flyers
▪ Pittsburgh Penguins
▪ Washington Capitals

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