• Image of Pittsburgh Yellow Jackets 1915 custom hockey tee
  • Image of Pittsburgh Yellow Jackets 1915 custom hockey tee
  • Image of Pittsburgh Yellow Jackets 1915 custom hockey tee
  • Image of Pittsburgh Yellow Jackets 1915 custom hockey tee

Pittsburgh has been in the American hockey forefront way before the Penguins moved into the Civic Arena in 1967. We had the Pittsburgh Athletic Club, the Yellow Jackets, the Pirates (yes, at one time the hockey franchise where also named the Pirates), the Shamrocks, the Hornets, and then the Penguins. Pittsburgh hockey can be dated as far back as 1895. Take that Canada.

This shirt was made in celebration of the history of Pittsburgh hockey. As we welcome in our brand new arena, make sure you know your hockey history.

...a brief Pittsburgh Yellow Jackets history:

The Pittsburgh Yellow Jackets, of the United States Amateur Hockey Association (USAHA) were formed in 1915. They evolved from amateur to semi-pro and are one the earliest organized teams in Pittsburgh.

The Yellow Jackets won the USAHA Championship in 1924 and 1925 and were coached by Dick Carroll, who earlier won a Stanley Cup coaching The Toronto Arenas in 1918.

The Yellow Jackets wore black and gold uniforms and played in the Duquesne Gardens (1895) in the city's Oakland neighborhood. The Gardens was credited with being the finest indoor, artificial ice surface in North America.

The Yellow Jackets were owned by Roy Schooley who sold the team to attorney James F. Callahan. Callahan changed the team's name to the Pittsburgh Pirates, borrowing the nickname from Pittsburgh's professional baseball team.
The Pirates would become the NHL's third U.S.-based team on November 7, 1925 in joining the New York Americans and the Boston Bruins.

The Yellow Jackets returned to Pittsburgh in 1930 after Schooley re-acquired the IAHL team. They were later purchased by Pittsburgh theatre chain owner, John Harris, in 1932. Harris purchased the Detroit Olympics in October 1936 and renamed the team the Pittsburgh Hornets. The Hornets were in originally in the International American Hockey League.

* This design is printed with a premium plastisol ink called "Gold Shimmer" which gives the design's finish a flat, gold foil luster. It's very hard to show how wonderful this ink looks with photos, but you will love it when you see this product in your hands.

*This design is printed on Anvil's premium "Coal Black" color "Sustainable" tee's. These tee are made of 50% ring spun cotton and 50% recycled polyester, which means the tees are soft and comfortable, and have a worn in look and feel.
Most shirts don't feel like this one.


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