• Image of Emilia Dameshek "Pink COBRA" tee
  • Image of Emilia Dameshek "Pink COBRA" tee
  • Image of Emilia Dameshek "Pink COBRA" tee
  • Image of Emilia Dameshek "Pink COBRA" tee

I sure do love the Dameshek family, and recently I was informed that my friends Mitchell, Brandon, and Dave suffered a tremendous loss when Mitchell's daughter, Emilia Dameshek, had passed away from a rare form of Cancer the doctors found when she was only 9. She battled "Ewing's Sarcoma" and other forms of the disease bravely through the next 3 years by undergoing Chemotherapy, hip replacement surgery, countless other procedures, and life-changing circumstances that take sheer grit and determination to make it through. This news of her passing hit me like a punch in the gut, and I wanted to help in any way I could.
After speaking to the family, we decided to resurrect a tee we made in ironic fun for Brandon Dameshek, Emilia's uncle, a few years back during the time that Emilia was diagnosed.

Brandon explains a bit about Emilia & the COBRA tee:

"I was still a boy. My t-shirt was a white and blue ringer. It had a skull decal pressed onto the front, with a bolt of lightning running behind it, configured from bottom right to top left. The word 'COBRA' was perfectly embossed across the back shoulder area. And aside from a handful of Ozzy and Iron Maiden cassettes, it was the most metal thing I owned. It stood for toughness. It stood for grit. It stood for unharnessed energy.

Three decades later, the COBRA has returned, fanning its intimidating hood, inspiring equal parts fear and respect.

Now, though, it represents a different type of toughness and grit entirely. The pink COBRA t-shirt not only calls back to my youth, but speaks forever in remembering the toughest, grittiest, most energetic person I’ve ever known: my 12-year-old niece, Emilia Dameshek.

After three long years of battling three different types of cancer, she finally succumbed. But her story, her spirit, her toughness, her grit and an energy that could only be described as 'infectious' will live for all of time."

This tee is made for Emilia, for family and friends to remember her by, and to raise money for her family to cover costs that this rough time has brought upon them. All profits of the "COBRA" tee will go to Mitchell Dameshek and family. Thanks in advance for helping; we all appreciate it.

* Pre sale begins 5/23/16. Please allow up to 5 days for your tee to ship. Due to the suddenness of the event that this tee represents, we currently don't have any back stock of the Pink Cobra tee, and will be printing as we go.

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