• Image of "The Lumber Company" 1971 Buccos baseball tee

Redesigned from the original 2010 tee with larger font and overall print, with numbers which better reflect the style the Bucco's used in '71, with a bolder Pittsburgh Gold ink, printed on a premium vintage black tee.

Original 2010 write-up:

Enough already about the 18 loosing seasons for the Pirates. I get it, it's not getting any better, anytime soon. So while we wait for the nightmare to end, support the hometown team by representing one of the best era's in Pittsburgh baseball history...

On September 1, 1971, the Pirates fielded what is believed to be the first all-black lineup in the history of the league. Due to the Pirates high powered slugging offense, they were dubbed "The Lumber Company" or "The Pittsburgh Lumber Company" outside of the city. Al Oliver played first base, joining second baseman Rennie Stennett, center fielder Gene Clines, right fielder Roberto Clemente, left fielder Willie Stargell, catcher Manny Sanguillén, third baseman Dave Cash, shortstop Jackie Hernández and pitcher Dock Ellis in the starting lineup. Oliver ended the season with a .282 average, including 31 doubles (8th in the NL), seven triples (10th), 10 sacrifice flies (2nd), and five hit-by-pitches (good for 9th in the league). After beating the San Francisco Giants in the NLCS, the Pirates won the World Series, beating the Baltimore Orioles in seven games with Oliver as their regular center fielder.
About Oliver, Willie Stargell said, "When it came to hitting . . . all he ever did was crush the ball. Al was the perfect number three hitter because you knew he was going to make contact". He had a 23-game hitting streak in 1974 and another streak of 21 games where he got at least one hit.

The best hitters in "The Lumber Company" were Al Oliver (#16), Manny Sanguillén (#35), Willie Stargell (#8) and Roberto Clemente (#21). All 4 players are represented by their numbers on this design.
Robert Clemente passed away the next year, in 1972, while en route to deliver aid to earthquake victims in Nicaragua. "Pops" Stargell went on to be the heart and soul of the Pirates of the 70's. He lead the franchise to another World Series win in 1979.

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