• Image of "Big Time Timmy Jim" tee by Backpage Press

“The Freak” graced our presence in 2007 with his unorthodox pitching style, hair from a throwback era, and the sort of presence and attitude ball fans could relate to. He could gain insane velocity, while only measuring up to 5’11” and 178 lbs. It was like you knew this guy from high school, yet he was a ridiculous force on the mound.
In 1989, the Giants were at the top of my list. Then, in 1993, they just plain angered me. My deep loathing for one Barry Bonds made me cross the Giants right off the list, especially in 2002. But now, through years of therapy, I can forgive the team from letting Bonds on the roster, and think of only childhood good times with one Will the Thrill. Now that Baseball has gone back to a game of skill and talent, instead of a game of skill, talent, and chemical enhancement, I felt it was only right to make an original design for “The Franchise”. I love the team again, and Lincecum is the man. Growing up a Bucco fan and seeing Bonds tank every postseason…who wouldn’t want to see San Fran win it all without the help of the self absorbed pre-Madonna. Plus, how can’t your root for the Giant’s cast of characters?
Of course all this inspiration has been festering in my head since around, oh say the 1992 NLCS, but thanks to Tim and the newest ESPN Sportscenter commercial, it all came crashing together last week. As soon as I heard Karl Ravech say “Big Time Timmy Jim” as Lincecum was trying to record his voice memo, I started working on this shirt.

* Jim in Sacramento, and Mike in Almeda, this my friends, is for you.

* This design is printed on Anvil ring spun cotton tees. These tees are incredibly soft, comfortable, and flexible. They have a sliming cut, but not enough that it throws off the sizing. Bottom line, these tees will be among your go-to favorite tees.
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